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CHAPTER 1: Before You Swing
Why would a couple join this lifestyle?

What makes the swinging lifestyle so tempting and why does a growing number of modern professional couples decide to join in.
Affairs vs. Swinging: face up to the facts!

More and more married men and women are having affairs. Swinging is a great alternative where both partners can have their sexual needs met without cheating.
The mainstream and the lifestyle

More and more people become aware of alternative lifestyles, such as swinging, and come to accept them. Some even join in themselves!
Nympho wives: the new sexual revolution

Many modern women find themselves having bigger sex drives, wilder fantasies and more lustful desires than men around them.
Pressuring your partner to swing

Pressuring your partner into the lifestyle is not usually the best approach. There are other ways to get your partner interested in trying it out.
Surprising your wife: trick or treat?

Some husbands decide to surprise their spouses with their interest in the lifestyle by bringing them to a swing party. Does it really work?
CHAPTER 2: Online swinger ads
How to write your very own swinger ad

Some tips and guidelines on how to create a successful swinger ad online that will capture attention of those who are interested in possible encounters.
A picture is worth a thousand words

Reservations about posting pictures in personal ads are common, but it's a "must" for online connections. How to do just that while maintaining your privacy?
How to weed out the fakes on swinger websites

Not all personal ads that you see online are real or worth responding to. There are many ways to figure out who are the flakes and who are the real deal.
420 Friendly?

What to expect when you see it in personal ads and how much importance do some couples place on this "side hobby" when it comes to swinging.
CHAPTER 3: Your first steps
Simple tips for newbie swingers

Things to consider for those who are just starting out in the lifestyle. Figure out your limitations and priorities for exploring the lifestyle together.
Figuring out your pace

Since both of you may not be comfortable with the same tempo, you should figure out the common pace before you play.
Shaving your privates: not so bold move?

Most women and men in the lifestyle shave or groom their pubic hair and expect the same from their potential play partners.
Going out with a couple for the first time

It could be nerve-wracking, but it could be a lot of fun at the same time! It's about getting your feet wet and enjoying the lifestyle.
What to wear to a swinger party?

The way you dress will not only make you more or less attractive to others, it'll also be a signal to other couples of what you're looking for.
Voyeurism and swinging

Voyeurism is a huge part of the swinging lifestyle. Some people prefer watching to an actual play while others love to be the center of attention.
How to read people: what are their intentions?

There are many ways of how to tell what others are looking for. You can easily weed out those who are not of your pace, and go straight to those who are.
Your first sexual encounter

Your first experience in the lifestyle will be like no other sexual experience you've ever had or will ever have in your life. You better be ready!
CHAPTER 4: Exploring the lifestyle
Joining a swinger group

There are some swingers who prefer to be a part of a regular swinger group. You may want to at least look into this flavor of swingers.
Hotel swinger parties

As you pick up speed in your lifestyle exploration, you may want to check out hotel parties where everyone comes to play.
Single men in the lifestyle

Love them or hate them - you will probably consider playing with one or more of them sooner or later. How to choose so few from so many available?
Bi-sexual women in the lifestyle

Only those who understand what very few of available bi-sexual single women are looking for will be lucky enough to have their fantasies come true.
Role-playing: dream-swinging?

Role-playing is something that is not only common in swinging, but a very common way for even mainstream couples to spice up their sex life.
Loud sex: let it all go!

You may have kids at home, or thin walls in your house. However, your lifestyle experiences will most likely take place where you can be as loud as you want.
Costume parties: not just for kids anymore

Costume and theme parties are extremely popular among swingers. Some find it exciting to never actually see the faces of those who they play at those parties.
CHAPTER 5: Issues and Dilemmas
Safe sex at swinger parties

It is one of the biggest concerns in the lifestyle and everybody who participates should know what precautions to exercise to stay safe.
Ethics in the lifestyle

It is important in the lifestyle to be considerate and courteous to everyone around you - even those who you may not be interested in playing with.
How to say "No" to another couple

You may find yourself hating your experiences in the lifestyle if you won't know how to say "No". It is more important than knowing how to say "Yes"!
Closet Swingers

It's a question that every swinging couple will ask themselves sooner or later: should we be open about our participation in the lifestyle or keep it to ourselves?
Stage fright: don't be hard on yourself!

Most men in the lifestyle will go limp at one point or another. It is very common and there are ways how to prevent or deal with it once it happens.
Can you swing it at a non-swinger bar?

You'll probably find yourself attracted to another couple at a regular bar or a party. Is that a good idea to approach them with a proposition to swing?
Breaking up is hard to do!

Sometimes you'll find yourself actually dating a couple for a while. However, the initial chemistry will wear off sooner or later. How to end it?
CHAPTER 6: Bonus Content
Novelties and Toys for your swinging experiences

There are many toys that you can incorporate into your lifestyle experiences that will make it even better than they already are.
Diaries of a swinging couple

Kate documents her lifestyle experiences that her and her husband Chris explore the lifestyle after deciding to swing.
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