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Nympho wives: the new sexual revolution
by Anne Curvey

Many modern women find themselves having bigger sex drives, wilder fantasies and more lustful desires than men around them. She wants sex in the morning -- she wants sex in the afternoon and evening too. She wants it in the car, my God, she wants it all the time. She's like an energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going and you just can't keep up. If she's not playing with you, she's playing with her toys. What's wrong with her?

This can't be a surprise to you. If you've been in the lifestyle for any length of time, you are bond to run across a couple where the female is somewhat "high-energy", no matter what her age. Some call them "super freaks", some say sexy sluts and to some they are referred to as Nymphos.

In the lifestyle there are quite a few men, married or in a relationship, with these high-energy women. It's no secret that in general, women are capable of having 5, 10 or even 20 or more orgasms in the course of an evening. In fact, one of the major factors for some couples joining the lifestyle is to satisfy the high sex drive of their mates.

Nymphomania is a layperson's term used to label a woman whose sex drive or sexual activity is subjectively deemed too high. This is not a scientifically meaningful term because there are no specific criteria defining how much sexual desire or activity is too much.

For the most part, the label of Nymphomania is used in a pejorative and derogatory manner and almost exclusively in reference to women. To many men, the idea that a woman has a greater sex drive than their own is somewhat threatening -- so they may use the label to preserve their own egos by "proving" that the woman is abnormal.

Similarly, men with sexual dysfunction might accuse their partners of being oversexed in an effort to hide their own fears or sense of inadequacy. Just as some women who object to the frequency of their partner's sexual advances might accuse him of being oversexed. The double standard which exists in our society that congratulates a man who is highly sexed and has many partners, calling him a "stud", whereas a woman with the same behavior is often called a "Nympho", which carries a negative connotation.

In our world, our lifestyle, being a nympho is not a bad thing. In fact, some men and women love meeting and playing with insatiable females. They tend to be a lot of fun, are very responsive and the sex never ends. Many women who are high-energy usually don't become aggressive until they get in a sexual environment. One female friend told me that their sex life is pretty normal until they go out to party, then she turns into a "Super Slut" as she puts it, and wants to have sex with everybody, including the women. "I didn't get all dressed up for nothing," she would say.

The lifestyle is their outlet to satisfy their desires. Many couples choose private house parties over the commercial club venue, because of the simple fact that they are in the lifestyle mainly to have sex. Commercial clubs are geared more towards newbies, socializing, people who like playing dress-up, meeting, teasing, drinking, and dancing. Meeting a couple and actually having sex with them is primarily up to you and there is never a guarantee that there will be sex. Whereas, smaller, intimate private house parties are actually geared towards those who are there to play and play a lot. Some private house parties invite single men just for the mere fact that there will more than likely will be at least one woman in attendance that is a "nympho." That is something you don' t see very often in most swinger venues because single men are generally looked down upon, especially by couples who's male counterpart feels they don't have anything to offer. But there are some swingers who love having extra men around to help service their nympho wives.

There is no shame in being a nympho -- so ladies if this is you, enjoy! Go out there and be a star!

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