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Surprising your wife: trick or treat?
by Anne Curvey

Some husbands decide to surprise their spouses with their interest in the lifestyle by bringing them to a swing party. Does it really work? You've been planning this event for months, maybe even years. Your twelfth wedding anniversary is coming and you promised the wife a very special night on the town. You've been together 14 years and you married her right out of high school. She was brought up in a very religious household and you were the first and only man she has even been with. You have two beautiful children and a nice home.

During the later years you feel the sex is sort of monotonous and not as satisfying as it was at first. Since the invention of high speed Internet you find your self locked away for hours at a time playing in chat rooms and flirting with what you think are women online. You discover the world of swinging and you are fascinated by it. Sex without a relationship - awesome! It sure beats cheating and possible divorce, which would cost you everything you have worked your whole life to acquire.

You examine your own feelings to see if you could handle the mother of your children sucking another man's cock or even her having sexual intercourse in front of you. Not only can you handle it -- you are totally turned on by it. You want to see her with other men and yes, women too.

After months of studying the Lifestyle you finally approach your wife with the idea of you two going to a swinger club. She gives you are blank stare and asks "Are you sick? "That's disgusting, absolutely no way!"

That was her answer 8 months ago. Now you finally got if all figured out. You know that she says she doesn't want to do this, but you know from past experiences that sometimes once she tries something she likes it and jumps on the bandwagon. All you have to do is figure a way to get her there with out telling her. You decided to use your anniversary as a ploy to get her out of the house and into a swing club.

You brought her a new sexy dress and have been hyping her up for weeks about your "night on the town." All she knows is that you're taking her out to dinner and then out dancing.

The moment of truth comes after the dinner when you arrive at the club. At first your wife is excited and just thinks it's another hot dance club. It doesn't take her long to see that some of the ladies on the dance floor are taking off their clothes. Not just one or two, but quite a few. She hears that there's a Jacuzzi in the back. She sees things happening around her that she's never seen before -- two women kissing, some are naked, and some are dressed real skimpy. She looks at you and says, "What kind of club is this?" You tell her it's a swing club and this was her surprise. She looks at you in total degust and says, "Get me the hell out of here, now!" "Tonight you're sleeping on the couch!"

Tricking your wife or partner into going to a swing club is probably one of the worst things a man can do. Nothing could be more deceiving and distrusting then doing something like that to her. Swinging is about couples being able to communicate and to trust each other. The minute you deceive you partner into the lifestyle -- you can pretty much hang up your swinging forever -- especially if they aren't as in tuned with the lifestyle as you are.

Husbands have this notion that just because they "talked" to their wives about the possibly of having a third person in the bedroom that it is an on going agenda until the opportunity comes along when it can actually happen. Guys, make sure you talk to your wives before you bring "Mike" or "Jim" home to play "hide the salami" with her. She may have decided that it was just more of a fantasy of yours then a reality for her. This kind of birthday or anniversary "surprise" should be talked about, planned and well coordinated with your wife and all other persons involved before they come crawling in your bed.

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