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How to write your very own swinger ad
by Eric Nevski

Some tips and guidelines on how to create a successful swinger ad online that will capture attention of those who are interested in possible encounters. Thousands of swingers post their ads online every day hoping to find someone to spice up their sex life. However, most people end up disappointed with the response that they get. In this article, we're going to talk about how to write your personal ad so that the response that you get is more likely to be what you're looking for.

You should remember that your ad should be designed to serve two purposes: tell other people about yourselves and stand out from thousands of other ads.

One of the first things that most sites' registration form will ask you is to compose the headline for your ad. A lot of people do not give this part a proper attention, however, it's the headline that gets listed in most search results and makes visitors click through or skip your ad. Most people put down something that does not do justice to their ads. Headlines like "looking for fun" or "cpl seeking cpl" do nothing for your ad since they only state the obvious. Everybody is "looking for fun", otherwise people wouldn't be doing this. And saying what group you're looking for in your headline is redundant because the user would already know that by the time s/he gets to your ad since s/he has probably used browse or search functions to get to it.

Your headline should summarize who you are and what you're looking for in just several words. It's not an easy task, but it's possible if you put some thought into it. That way it will stand out from other ads by telling the visitors more than the other ads, and on the other hand it will not attract the unwanted responders. If you are a couple who is looking for your first experience, certain group age or activity - it would be a great idea to mention it in your headline. So if you're a young couple who is new to the lifestyle and looking for your first experience, the headline may say something like "Young cpl new to the lifestyle - looking for same". In just several words you have gotten out one of the most important things about yourselves and what you're looking for. So, people who are looking for the same would be more interested in clicking on your ad and people who are out of your age group or hardcore swingers would definitely pass it by therefore spearing you a possibly unwanted response to sort through.

Now that you have make sure that your ad will be read by the right people and as many of them as possible, it's time to move on to composing the body of your ad. It is important to make it long enough to give others the good idea about yourselves, yet short enough not to bore them and make them quit reading it. There are two main points that you must definitely communicate to whoever is reading your ad. You need to clearly state who you are and what you are looking ( or not looking ) for in another person or persons.

Usually it's a good idea to state your age, height, weight, location and other "numbers". You can also mention cup size, body type, hair color and/or length, etc. If you are a couple looking for another couple, make sure to describe both of you and not just the female. Try to stay away from describing yourselves as "gorgeous", "beautiful", etc. Besides sounding shallow, you can never tell if you are in someone else's taste anyway. So, leave making the conclusions about your appearance to others.

After, you're done with the basic stuff, you can go on to describing things like how long you have been married, engaged or dating if you're a couple. Also, you might mention how long you have been in the lifestyle and if you had any experiences. Finish up with some light stuff like what you like to do for fun and your general outlook on life and/or sex.

Now on to what you are looking for in other people. Ironically, when you're talking about what you're looking for in others, it is most important to mention what you are NOT looking for. If you are a couple who is seeking another couple for swapping, you should mention that you are not looking for singles to respond. And if you're an older couple who is looking for someone in your age group, make sure to mention that, so people who are much younger than you are do not bother to respond. However, it is extremely important to be polite and try not to offend anybody with your ad. Even if it's people who you don't want to respond. By being rude, you will sound shallow and push away people who you might be interested in. So, if you are looking for a couple who is rather thin, try to stay away from saying something like "fat people need not respond", instead say something like "we are looking for someone with an athletic/slim build".

You can finish up by talking about whether you're looking for a sexual or more of a social relationship. Tell others if you'd like to take things fast, slow or you're a flexible depending on the chemistry. Are you looking for others to take control or be more subtle? List all those preferences if they really matter to you. If you are flexible on some of them - do not bring them up at all - it only clutters the ad. It is always a good idea to describe your stand on safe sex and whether or not you have been or are going to practice it in your possible encounters.

Now your ad is complete. However it is still missing something very important. It is always recommended to not just describe yourselves in the ad, but actually attach a picture. You're going to end up sending your pictures to most people anyway, otherwise most of them will not go further than a couple of e-mails. So, why not do it right up front? By adding your picture to your profile you're not only increasing the amount of people who will click on your ad, you are also decreasing the amount of people who may not be into your looks and won't bother you with useless responses that will not get anywhere anyway.

Remember that your picture doesn't need to be of a magazine quality. It is there to only give others the idea of what you look like and to make sure they are physically attracted to you, since it is a crucial part of the swinging relationship. So, make sure to have as much of your body in the picture as possible. A close up of a private part does not tell much to others about your overall appearance. Also, if you're a couple looking for another couple you should include both partners in the picture.

Most people are not into revealing their identity and participate in the lifestyle discretely. If you're one of them and that's what holds you back from posting your picture, there are several ways to accomplish both. You can take your picture without the face appearing on it, or you can blur or cut it off by cropping the picture after it was snapped. It's that simple.

Well, I think you're now ready to compose your own ad. And even if you're already have one - you can always modify it and re-post to see what happens. Have fun and happy swinging!

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