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A picture is worth a thousand words
by Anne Curvey

Reservations about posting pictures in personal ads are common, but it's a Posting your not-so-PG13 pictures online has been something that everybody has thought about very carefully before hitting that "Upload" button. There are more and more people who do not mind having their pictures out there for others to see. Many even go out of their way to have others look at them in their birthday suits. That's why picture posting message boards and "rate my looks" kind of web sites have been gaining so much popularity in the recent years. However, many still do not care for their explicit pictures floating around on the Internet without their permission or even knowledge. But how does one protect their privacy without deserting themselves from the swinging community online where people will not meet with you unless they know what you look like?

One of the most popular ways to protect your identity while still looking sexy for your potential playmates is to blur out your face on the picture. Graphic software like Photoshop allows you to do so very easily and in many creative ways. If you do not have that kind of software or do not care to learn how to use one - you can always leave out your faces from the shot when taking the picture. Some people will turn their heads away, some will have a shadow falling on their face, and some simply cover it up with large shades, a hat, or simply their own hair (if it's long enough).

If you do decide to share your X-rated pictures with others without censoring your faces - it is a good idea to get to know the recipients of your photos. You may also want to use message / e-mail services that allow you to re-call your own emails from the recipient's Inboxes. So, if you have sent a picture to another member who you now realize is not someone that you want to have your picture - you can remove that picture from that member's possession. Another way of protecting your picture while sharing them with others is to have a disclaimer over the image stating something like "Not for reproduction" or "Property of ". Make sure it is in the middle of the image, so that nobody can cut it out of there without destroying most of the image itself.

I should mention that all of the above precautions are assuming that you and only you had the control over the pictures that you may or may not have available to others. However, that's not always the case. If you go to private swinger parties, you know that many times people would take pictures of their encounters. It could be someone who you are playing with at the moment, or you just could be in the background of someone else's shot. As I've talked to an Internet attorney whoever takes the picture owns the copyrights to it, but that does not exempt him/her from the privacy and celebrity laws. One cannot take a picture in a private location and then publish it without consent of people who are on the picture who own the rights to their own image.

Even if you are careful about who takes your pictures and/or who you send those pictures to, unfortunately, your partner is still someone who can do damage to you if things don't work out down the road. Beacon Journal has recently reported a story of a swinging couple that have taken many pictures of their encounters during their lifestyle encounters and posted them together on the Internet with their faces censored. However, when the couple divorced, the husband has posted those pictures without her permission and this time he has left her face for everyone to see as a part of his revenge tactics. He was charged with telecommunications harassment among some other misdemeanors. He was ordered to remove all of the pictures from the website, server 90 days of house arrest, undergo counseling and pay a small fine.

Now, I'm not trying to scare you into never posting your picture online again. You will probably have to if you want to meet others online. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of some of the precautions that you can take in order to protect your privacy and avoid unpleasant situations that you may not have as much control over, as you would have preferred. So, just be careful and enjoy sharing your beauty with others!

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