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How to weed out the fakes on swinger websites
by Anne Curvey

Not all personal ads that you see online are real or worth responding to. There are many ways to figure out who are the flakes and who are the real deal. They're here, they're there, and they're everywhere! Since swinger websites were created giving us the ability to post personal information on free services like Yahoo and Hotmail, there have always been fakes. This article could easily be about how we are tricked into doing things and getting and giving personal information -- that would be a whole story in itself. But it's not, this article is solely about people who are on swinger websites that are "fakes."

At one time or another everyone has encountered a fake, probably more than once, while searching websites. Why do people do this? Why do people pretend to be something they're not? For entertainment of course! You have to remember and think outside of the box.

The computer is a wonderful interactive tool that can be used for information, research, solicitation, and yes fun. Fun is the key word here and it's what drives fakes to do what they do. They find it fun to fool you into thinking that they are real. Interaction with you is amusing and if you fall for it, maybe you will let them see some of your most intimate pictures so they in turn can save them for later use with another gullible person.

Fakes love online chat rooms and that's where a majority of them find their victims. The key to protecting yourself from being lured into chatting with a "fake" is to think with your proper head. The male of a couple can often lose their head if they see a picture of a really good-looking couple with a very hot lady, especially if the couple is showing interest. Be aware of sudden come-ons from a sexy couple where they both look like models, it could be a red flag that something is wrong. It could be someone pretending to be a couple and even worse, using stolen pictures.

Internet browsers should read a person's entire profile before writing or responding to an email or an IM. A person setting up a fake profile might make a mistake such as including an unrealistic age or have comments such as "husband plays alone with wives approval." A careful review of the profile might reveal things that simply don't add up.

Another cause of suspicion is an online community profile containing professional-looking pictures. If a page contains professional pictures, they could have been downloaded from an online modeling website or scanned from a magazine. If the people on the profile were actually models, don't you think they would mention that they were featured on a certain website? Or perhaps make mention of an official website as their homepage or a cool link.

Before meeting someone from the Internet in person, some helpful steps might be a telephone conversation or seeing them live on a web cam. Telephone conversations are an excellent way of gauging a couple's character and personality. If the couple contacts you first, they shouldn't have a problem giving you a phone number if you ask nicely. Ask them what is the best time to call and speak to both of them. Be cautious if the wife is never around. It could be a single guy or even a married guy, just trying to get lucky. Live web cams are another excellent means of verifying that you are dealing with a real people. Web cams are very inexpensive, easy to install and can save you a lot of time.

Things that should raise a question of doubt when checking profiles:

No picture on the profile -- If there is no picture on the profile, ask them to email you one -- if they are not willing to do that, just move on.

Refusal to answer simple questions -- They respond with nothing but demands and offer nothing in return.

A low reply percentage rate -- Anything below 60 % could be an indication that you are not dealing with a serious swinger.

No recommendations -- No one knows them or has played with them because they either don't exit or they never play. They are time wasters.

The ad sounds like a porn ad -- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Pictures are too perfect -- Pictures look like they have been taken off a porn site.

Ads are too short -- That doesn't mean that people aren't real. It just means that they didn't put enough thought or effort into their ad and may not be serious about getting responses.

Perfect profile with pictures of a couple -- Be aware if the husband says he has permission from the wife to play alone or the wife is on vacation in Amsterdam and won't be back until 2006.

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