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420 Friendly?
by Anne Curvey

What to expect when you see it in personal ads and how much importance do some couples place on this Here's an ad that you see more and more these days:

"Sexy couple, fit, professionals, open minded, full or soft swap, willing to travel but can entertain. We love hot tubs, swing clubs, and dancing. We're looking for other like couples for fun and adventure and we're 420 friendly."

Everything looks pretty norm except for one minor thing that some of us may find unusual. What the heck is meant by "420 Friendly?" Why is this phrase popping up on swing sites everywhere?

When someone says they're "420 Friendly" they are usually referring to either their personal use of or tolerance of someone who uses Marijuana. Swingers who post it in their ads or in their profile, are most likely making a statement that they use Marijuana when they swing -- "hope that's not a problem."

Many people claim that it helps to make them more relaxed, more open and gets them, "in the mood." Some people claim that it enhances the sex, making it more enjoyable. According to Terry Necco, who wrote, "Marijuana and Sex: A Classic Combination", Marijuana and sex are gifts from nature and Marijuana is a aphrodisiac that has been used for thousands of years in counties like Egypt, India and Lebanon. Some say it is no different then using alcohol. This article is in no way advocating whether or not Marijuana is a good thing or a bad thing.

Marijuana and sex are gifts of nature? Many enjoy the combination because biology and evolution have equipped us to do so. According to the article, Marijuana and Sex; "Our bodies contain pleasure systems which reward us for sex; our brains contain neurocellular circuitry which can only be activated by substances with THC's molecular structure. This makes the marijuana "high" a unique constellation of feelings, and there are only two sources for the substances, which activate THC's very own neuroreceptor. Our brain is one source: it generates a neurochemical very similar to THC, called anandamide. Translated, the word means bliss. The only other source for this bliss-producing substance is the cannabis plant." Marijuana is an aphrodisiac that has been used for thousands of years in many counties. People that believe and feel this way say that the use of Marijuana as part of their sexual experience is actually enhanced when they are "high." For many it is a sure fire way to relax and loose all inhibitions. For these folks, being stoned and being sexually aroused both produce similar physiological responses -- increased heart rate, heightened sensitivity, changes in blood flow and respiration, and relaxation. Neurochemistry, hormonal systems, and some brain regions such as the temporal lobe are affected by both marijuana and sexual arousal. The combination can be quite an experience.

The majority of ads on swing websites make no mention of 420, either because they don't think about it or they don't want everyone to know. Due to that fact, there are no actual statistics to prove that it is a "deal breaker" or not. As such it is probably "discovered" after the initial meeting or perhaps during a private chat. At that point, each individual or couple would has to make the decision as to whether it is really is a "deal breaker" or not. So if you decide that you don't want to be involved with or be around anyone who uses Marijuana or is 420 friendly, it would certainly be the "deal breaker."

It is a fact that swing clubs do not allow drugs of any kind at their facility. It is just not worth the headache if something should happen if a patron is found to have illegal drugs in their possession or worse, an incident took place because an individual was under the influences of drugs. It is against the law and the owners of the club run the risk of not only loosing their liquor license, but their business could be get shut down all together. As far as private parties are concerned - as they are a private party and are usually held in a private residence, the hosts might feel that they are not bound by the law as much as a club or a public establishment. But never the less, they also run the risk of issues with the law, should they "get caught."

Personal use of Marijuana is just that, a personal choice -- why take the risk, leave it at home and keep it out of the lifestyle!

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