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Shaving your privates: not so bold move?
by Elizabeth Andrews

Most women and men in the lifestyle shave or groom their pubic hair and expect the same from their potential play partners. I was in my twenties the first time I shaved my entire vulva bare. I'd always wanted to, especially after a male friend of mine shared how his girlfriend shaved and how much he loved it. Nevertheless, I was a bit reluctant. I faced the common fears-what if I cut myself, will it feel uncomfortable growing out, do I have the right kind of razor, what about razor burn, how long will it take, and most importantly, what in the world would my sex partners think?

A fetish for the porn industry 13 years ago was shaven or closely trimmed genitals. Now, with the turn of the millennium, well-groomed genitalia are fashionable for any sexually active individual, especially swingers. So my main concern over what others would think has been eliminated, since everyone is shaving, including men! And with fashion, there are different styles. Women go from completely bare to leaving little "landing strips". Some of those women take it a step further and sculpt the hair on their mounds into little heart shapes, triangles, or V shapes. I had one lover who shaved everything but a small tuft of hair right above her clitoris. She dubbed this style a "Groucho Marx". The one thing that all of these styles have in common is the complete removal of hair on and around the labia minora and majora. This is quite a turn on for men and women alike since it adds to increased sensation and allows a partner to really get into oral sex without the hassle of picking out stray pubic hairs.

With men, it's popular to shave the scrotum and the base of the shaft. Women love it because it's smooth. They are more likely to orally caress the penis and its often too lonely counterpart, the scrotum. Some men also shave their sphincter to cut down on odor. Other men take it to the extreme and shave their chest hair as well. Additional shaving, as always, is relative to the amount of body hair one has.

Now before you get out the razor and the shaving cream, you might want to remember the first time: girls-shaving your legs and guys-shaving your face. If you're anything like me, you've experienced the agony of in-grown hairs and little red bumps. Throughout the years you have perfected the perfect shave, so how could it be different shaving in other regions? Besides the first time taking an hour or so, believe me, it's something else entirely. You're entering uncharted territory.

Here are some tips for the perfect shave:

  • Get your favorite partner to help you. If you don't have one available, then I suggest using a mirror. For best results, don't shave in the shower with the water running.
  • If you haven't done so already, you will want to trim all excess hair with a pair of scissors. Do not use an electric razor.
  • Once you have trimmed enough hair to make it easy to shave, apply shaving cream. Let the cream moisten the hairs first.
  • Use a good razor with a new blade, and keep in mind you may need to change the blade before the job is done. Rinse the blade in COLD water.
  • Shave with the grain first. The shave against the grain. This cuts down on razor burn and in-grown hairs.
  • Be careful around folds. This is tender skin here!
  • Once the shaving is complete, rinse with cold water and pat dry. If your skin is especially sensitive, you might want to apply zinc oxide afterwards.
Once you begin shaving, it's best to incorporate it into your regular grooming routine. You won't have to deal with the irritation of those prickly pubes growing out. Those of you that don't want to deal with shaving all the time you might want to wax. However, I hear this is terribly painful, and men shouldn't attempt this at all because of the skin's delicacy. I've known a few swingers that have had their pubic hair surgically removed with electrolysis. I don't recommend this unless you're absolutely sure it's what you want. The procedures are numerous, expensive, painful, and permanent.

Granted some folks still like the 70's bush. We all know the clothes are in style again. If you're looking to hook up, especially at a club, many swingers will turn a couple down if both are not shaven or, as the euphemism goes, "well-groomed". Yet some people have such sensitive skin that it prevents them from shaving. In this case, most swingers will understand, however prefer perspective partners to be at least neatly trimmed. So what have you got to lose besides your hair?

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