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Going out with a couple for the first time
by Elizabeth Andrews

It could be nerve-wracking, but it could be a lot of fun at the same time! It's about getting your feet wet and enjoying the lifestyle. You and your partner have been e-mailing another couple online for weeks, swapped pictures, even spoken on the phone a few times. And now, you've moved to the next step: meeting in person.

Up till now, meeting this couple has only been a fantasy. Over dinner, you two have thought what it might be like to flirt with your date across the table. You wonder what their bedroom is like and if they have a lot of toys. During sex, you and your partner have imagined the sexy turn the evening should take -- the girls kiss and undress each other, creating a steamy centerpiece. Once the girls get started, the guys join in and lead things into a mass of entwined sweaty bodies.

You and your partner know that the pictures help you recognize your online date. But even with the pictures, how will the two of you notice your new friends in a crowded club? Pick a place to meet. If you are familiar with the club, then cool. But maybe the place is new to both you and the couple you are meeting. Planning your wardrobe ahead of time might be worthwhile, just so you'll know what each other will be wearing.

So what to wear? All you've come up with so far is…something sexy. Anything can be sexy, as far as I'm concerned. But you don't want to stroll into the club wearing baggy overalls, nor do you want to strip down to your thong and stripper boots. If it's a theme party, you have an idea right there. But remember, this is also a first date, so you might want to do eveningwear.

Black is always a good rule of thumb, for guys and girls alike. Girls, show some shoulder and some cleavage; this is always a pleaser-teaser. If you want to wear your stripper boots and a thong, you might want to wait until later in the evening to flaunt it. Don't do pantyhose, as it is a major pain to take off. Garters or thigh highs are a good choice. You might consider concealing that new teddy you recently purchased from Victoria's Secret underneath a black ladies suit. Dress to impress!

Guys, you want to look sexy too. Don't think that just because your partner looks hot that it will cut it for you. Make sure that you present yourself as equally attractive. Black slacks are great, and any dark color button-up will work -- just tuck it in. You might consider leaving a few buttons opened, as this can be a great turn on. No tennis shoes; this just distracts (women in particular) attention away from you and to your feet. Just think 'sexy first date', and you can't go wrong.

Now all that remains is your secret language. Make sure you have your signals down in case things don't seem right. The last thing you want to endure is a breakdown in communication. Discuss what your swinging options, be it closed or open, soft or "full", and what to do if you or your partner realize the attraction isn't what you expected it to be. Remember you two are partners in this, and you need to have established boundaries to have a great time.

You're all set -- go make those fantasies into realities!

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