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What to wear to a swinger party?
by Anne Curvey

The way you dress will not only make you more or less attractive to others, it'll also be a signal to other couples of what you're looking for. Tonight is the night! Party time! You and your partner are extremely excited and can hardly wait to get out there and have some real fun. You just got waxed and got your nails done and he is out getting a hair cut at Super Cuts. It has been weeks since you have been out and you are really looking forward to meeting some exciting new people, interact with them and who knows what else might happen.

The two of you find swinging to be lots of fun and very exciting. All you need to do is figure out what you are going to wear. You have several outfits that you recently ordered from an online sex shop. What should you wear? Hmmmmm?

For those of you having a problem deciding what to wear to a swing party, remember to dress comfortably -- that's first and foremost. The aim is to wear clothing that will turn not only your partner's head but others as well. Most men and many women are very visual and you want them to notice you and say WOW! You can be as daring as you want to be -- do not be afraid to use your imagination. Sexy outfits are a sure hit at any adult club. Many swingers make their own outfits, especially for special events like the Exotic Erotic Ball and Lifestyle conventions.

If you have been in the lifestyle for a while you have the experience of knowing the level of other swingers based on the way that a couple is dressed. There are three categories: beginners ( more commonly referred to as newbies ), intermediate swingers and veteran swingers. Each level dresses a certain way to indicate how they like to swing.

Newbies are more likely to wear more conservative clothing since it is their first time and they don't know any better. You will be able to tell them from the others because they will dress just like as if they were going to a regular dance club or another evening event. Newbies will also make the mistake of wearing jeans to a swing club. There is an unwritten rule that wearing jeans is a "no-no" when it comes to attending an adult event or club. Some newbies don't realize that their chances of hooking up are based on the way they are dressed. Other swingers will not know how to receive them if she is wearing a turtle neck and slacks baring no skin. That could be perceived as a non-player. But there is always the exception to the rule. Some newbies are "go-getters." They have already made up their minds on what they're going to do. They've done the research and they want to play and they will dress the part.

The intermediate swingers are more easily noticeable. They bare it all with no shame. These are your second, third or forth timers who have learned from the first time that they were at a sex club and not a disco. Wearing a short skirt with fishnet stockings and stiletto heels is a clear indication of what they are looking to get into that evening. They can dress really sexy, wearing the skimpiest things and are playful and interact well with the other guests. Intermediates swingers do not beat around the bush -- if they like you they will let you know it. And if they do not play that evening -- they may take a rain check.

Veteran swingers will dress to indicate their mood. If tonight is "total slut" night, so be it! They have no problem wearing what they want and sometimes may even just go in the nude. You will not get mixed signals from veterans: if they attend they are there to play and mingle.

Dressing for parties is not a rocket science. You should dress to indicate your mood. If you attend a party just to be a voyeur, wearing something naughty like an open crouch body stocking with stiletto heels could send the wrong message and invite many unwanted advances. Also, guys, if your lady dresses hot, you should too. The clash in clothing between the two of you could send an underlying message that only one of you is ready to play or that you may not be a real couple and just using each other to get in clubs.

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