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Voyeurism and swinging
by Anne Curvey

Voyeurism is a huge part of the swinging lifestyle. Some people prefer watching to an actual play while others love to be the center of attention. Voyeurism is the practice in which an individual derives sexual pleasure from observing another person or a group of people while they are having sex.

The object of the voyeur's attention may be engaged in a sexual act, or be nude, or in underwear, or dressed in whatever other way the voyeur may find appealing. Voyeuristic practices take a number of forms, but the main characteristic is that the voyeur does not directly interact with the person that has their attention whom quite often is unaware that they are being observed. The voyeur observes from a distance, peeping through an opening, and/or using other devices like a pair of binoculars, a mirror, a camera (including camera phone and video camera), etc. This stimulus becomes part of a masturbation fantasy during or after the observation.

Many voyeurs in the lifestyle love to watch their spouses with other partners. This is especially true of men watching their wives in action with other women or other men. Often this is the extent of his "fun" and later after it's all done, he'll want to play with her or maybe just masturbate.

There are many couples in the lifestyle that like to attend swing parties or sex events not to participate with anyone, but just to watch other people having sex. Voyeurism is a desire that is similar to actually wanting sex. The need to watch can exceed the need to actually play to a certain extent. Most men are very visual and watching can assist them in arousing their manhood.

In a way, there is a little voyeurism in all of us. Seeing people in "action" like in a very hot and steamy sex video will quite often arouse us. Porn is a $10 billion dollar a year business because of voyeurs. For those who haven't tried swinging - sitting in front of a TV and beating off to sex starlets having sex can be the next best thing. Porn movies are great to watch, easy to manage and you don't have to get dressed up and they can be seen in the privacy of your own home. Internet porn is very popular. A recent special on HBO Pornucopia reported that every two minutes, two million people are downloading something off the Internet that's sexually related. And that's not to mention the millions of hours spent by consumers on Internet web sites interacting with women and men on web cams.

If watching and not playing is your thing, the best place to go is to an on-premise swing club. You can be assured that every major city in the U.S. has at least one. At a club, a voyeur can have an eye full. Most on-premise clubs have rooms for couples to pair off and have sex openly or privately. Many swingers love to be seen while they are having sex. For every voyeur there are two or more exhibitionists. Exhibitionists love to be watched. Being watched is as important and sexually exciting to them as a voyeur who loves watching.

Some clubs have elaborate well-decorated rooms for exhibitionists to play in so that they can be watched without being disturbed. These rooms are set up with one-way mirrors so the voyeur can watch without been seen. Other places to go watch people are Swingers Conventions or somewhere like the Exotic Erotic Ball. Both of these events are a voyeur paradise where the "eye candy" is always plentiful and exciting.

Voyeurs are not generally welcomed at private swing parties. Because most private parties are smaller and more intimate and a voyeur would be considered a non-player and a gawker. They would get in the way, take up space and may even make other guests uncomfortable. If you just want to watch it may be best to ask the host or hostess if it's OK. Many probably wouldn't mind if money is their main motive. But good hosts will think about all their other guests first and give you an honest answer, "I'm sorry, perhaps you should try a club." Watching is fun but for most real swingers it's a huge distraction when people just staring at them while they are having sex. If you got to watch then be sure that you only watch your own partner with a couple or in a MFM with a couple. Top off the experience by getting into the action later so the fun can be had by all.

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