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Hotel swinger parties
by Anne Curvey

As you pick up speed in your lifestyle exploration, you may want to check out hotel parties where everyone comes to play. Amidst all the excitement in the world of swinging very little is said about private hotel parties, which are very popular amongst hard-core swingers. Many private Yahoo and MSN groups post their event announcements via the Internet. Most of the groups are private and the owner/moderator must approve your membership. Some groups require knowing you or have to know you personally before giving you access to their group. Without being a member, you would not get to read the posts or the announcements.

Before making the decision to attend a hotel party it is very important that you and your partner have a solid, grounded relationship and are very secure in that relationship. Remember that all swingers were where you are now at one time. If you are 'newbie's', try your best to relax, give yourself as much time as you need to feel comfortable and to be at ease with this new experience. Most swingers are extremely friendly and helpful towards newcomers and will go out of their way to see to your overall comfort by introducing you to others and offering information or answering questions.

Hotel parties are not for voyeurs. There is not that much space and if you are there just to watch, you may have more fun just going to a 'public' club where there is no feeling of obligation. You could get the feeling that you are in the way if you are not there to play. Most of the swingers who attend hotel parties are there to have sex that night -- either with each other or with someone else. You will find that many of the couples that attend these types of party's are couples where the wife is the main point of attention -- she likes to play a lot. To them, the hotel party is where all the 'real' action is.

Many couples in the lifestyle have a problem with single guys. The bottom line is -- they just don't like them. Many believe that most 'single' guys are married or involved and are cheating on their partners. They are they alone and therefore they have anything to offer. Husbands and boyfriends who treat their significant other like a possession or something to barter with, have this attitude, but they don't have a problem with single ladies at all. Hotel parties tend to invite a lot of single guys and few single ladies. This may be for two reasons: 1) for financial gain or, 2) because the guests they invite like a lot of action -- or it could be both.

It is possible to go to a large club with 500 couples and not connect with anyone. Whereas you can attend a small hotel party with just 7 couples, a few single guys and ladies and increase your chances of having sex by as much as 90%. Many swingers who have been in the lifestyle for years prefer hotel parties or private house parties to the lager venues mainly because of the orgasm factor. Swingers love orgasms from a variety of different sources and private parties have the intimacy that is required to accomplish that goal quicker then the larger clubs. Those who fantasize about gangbangs and orgies have a greater likelihood in a hotel party setting then at the bigger club too.

Hotel parties also provide a relaxed atmosphere and a more laid back swinging experience. You don't have to worry as much about being in great shape, there is normally no age factor and there is no pressure to wear skimpy clothing to attract other couples. Being in a more intimate non-club setting increases the comfort level and it's also possible to strike up a conversation with everyone attending. Hotel parties get so comfortable that some swingers split from their partner and play in separate rooms. Someone that they know or know about hosts many of the parties so it is not unusual to attend one of these parties and personally know everyone attending.

Most hotel parties are geared to people who want to have sex and lots of it. If you are a newbie couple you might want to think twice before going to a party like this -- it may be too much for you for your first time.

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