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Bi-sexual women in the lifestyle
by Eric Nevski

Only those who understand what very few of available bi-sexual single women are looking for will be lucky enough to have their fantasies come true. In the past three decades, American women have gone a long way in how they are perceived in the modern society. Besides enjoying more civil liberties and taking more active role in the country's political life, women of today have expanded their sexual freedom as well. More activities and more choices have become acceptable by mainstream society than ever before. Being sexually active and adventurous is no longer a sin. Women have made a point that they desire and enjoy sex just as much as men do, and are no longer afraid or ashamed of their sexualities.

One of the newly found freedoms for women has become an acceptance, often boarding with encouragement, of exploring bi-sexuality. Media all around us have been promoting and publicizing lesbian encounters in a wide variety of programming starting with Howard Stern radio show and going all the way to the coming out of Rosie O'Donnell to her mainstream conservative audience. Films like "Bound" have opened up the gates to the wide range of other movies and TV series treating female bi-sexuality as a healthy desire for a woman to explore.

Even though somewhat fabricated, the bi-sexual themes have been making it big with regular women at home as well. More women have allowed themselves to consider and in many cases explore sexual relationships with other women. Some would only take it as far as flirting or maybe kissing. As a matter of fact, a kiss between two women does not even suggest that they are gay or even bi-sexual. The new term that has surfaced in the lifestyle is "bi-curious". Bi-curious does not necessarily mean the desire to be with another woman all the time, it only means the desire to try, perhaps not just once, another woman as a spicy addition to already existing sex life. Some women have found themselves in relatively serious same sex relationships even though they still favor men as their main sexual preference.

Most of the women interested in bi-sexual experiences in the lifestyle are members of committed couples. Most of them do not necessarily enjoy women as much as men, but they are interested in experiencing something different once in a while. Some are only interested in trying a lesbian encounter to have it under their belt and never look back. Of course, very few men oppose their partners in having such encounters. As a matter of fact, most men encourage their female partner in exploring her desires to be with another woman if she lets those desires known. Many women would not otherwise actually explore their interests in the same sex encounters if it wasn't for their male partners paving their way into the lifestyle.

Single women in the lifestyle are no different than the ones with a male partner; however, many of them are interested in an experience with both sexes at the same time. They are interested in sharing chemistry not just with both partners on one-on-one basis, but also having those two partners have an already existing chemistry among themselves. Also, the premise of having an encounter with a couple appeals to single women more than having those encounters separately with singles for a fact that it is considered much "safer" to explore one's sexuality in a comfort of a committed couple.

Couples who look for single women for a threesome mainly look for either girl/girl action with a male watching or FMF threesome where everybody is shared among the rest. That depends on what both parties are looking for. Some men love watching their female partners with another woman and that is the only thrill that they want to get from the experience. Some women do not want their male partners to participate for many different reasons including jealousy and possible lack of attention from either party.

Some women love watching their men in action with another woman just as much as the action itself. In very few cases, some women prefer only to watch their male partners with other women without participation.

Swinging encounters, even though mainly sexual, that are built around bi-sexual encounters between females usually require more chemistry and patience than MFM threesomes or full swap encounters. So, keep that in mind, be safe in your adventures and enjoy them to the fullest!

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