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Role-playing: dream-swinging?
by Anne Curvey

Role-playing is something that is not only common in swinging, but a very common way for even mainstream couples to spice up their sex life. As a swinger I'm sure you have had thoughts of dressing up and pretending you are someone else as part of your sexual fantasies. You've seen the sexy School Girl outfits and Nurse uniforms advertise all over the place -- they are not just for Halloween anymore. Swinging and role-playing sometimes go hand in hand -- well with some couples anyway.

Role-playing is an excellent way to use your imagination to take your sexual experience to a whole new level. Variety really is the spice of life, especially when it comes to your sexual relationship. If you are into elaborate fun and excitement, role-playing is even more fun when you do it with another person like a female friend or even another couple.

A great way to role-play is to dress up in costumes while acting out your fantasies. How about swarthy pirate meets helpless maiden? Or, sick patient and nurse? Why not a French maid cleaning the house? Or play with another couple like Police knocking at the door or be a patron in the audience at a strip club -- maybe not wear any costumes at all. How about a script where you are all playing a game of poker and 3 or you decide to attack the lone female pulling off her clothes and tease her? Or flash back to childhood and play twister like kids. There are so many different scenarios it is impossible to list them all. Just use your imagination.

A few years ago a personal friend of mine told me a story of a swinging couple in Tampa Bay, Florida whose husband wanted to act out a fantasy where two of their swinger friends broke into their house in the middle of the night, while they were pretending to be sleeping, dressed as burglars. The wife arranged it as a birthday present for her husband. It was a good plan, but it went array when neighbors spotted the two swingers dressed as Ninjas going through the bedroom window and called 911. By the time the police vehicles arrived, with lights on and the place surrounded with the neighbors watching - they were already in a compromising position. Both the women were really loud and had no clue as to what was going on around them. To the police, it sounded like a rape was being committed. They busted down the front door and jumped through the bedroom window with flashlights and guns drawn -- both of the men were forced to lay face down on the floor butt naked with massive hadrons -- which they promptly lost. The party was over and it was the talk of the neighborhood for years.

Now I don't know if that story is true or not but it does make you think. Sometimes you might need to limit what your fantasy is to something a little simpler. Unless you live in an area that is very secluded and you don't have to worry about nosey neighbors, I would not suggest trying to do what they did.

Here's an idea for you -- how about getting together with another couple and the two guys stay in a room and watch TV while the two ladies go in the bedroom and dress to the "t" in a costume neither of your husbands have ever seen before -- maybe as a hooker or a sexy nun? You both come out and start playing with each other and then have your husbands join in. I'm sure the guys would get a big kick out of that and it's simple, a little kinky and it'll be fun.

As with anything in this lifestyle it is very important to communicate with each other and all others involved. Talking about your fantasies to your spouse and your swing partners is an extremely healthy way to explore ways to enhance your sex life. Role-playing, taking on the persona of a different person (i.e., French maid, pirate, nurse or whatever), is essential to the fantasy. By taking on a different role, we free ourselves of our "normal" boundaries and it helps us to discover new things about ourselves.

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