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Loud sex: let it all go!
by Anne Curvey

You may have kids at home, or thin walls in your house. However, your lifestyle experiences will most likely take place where you can be as loud as you want. If you ever arrive at a popular swing club late, after all the action has started, there is a good chance that you will probably hear the sounds of people making love. Hearing all that moaning, groaning, huffing and puffing can be quite exciting.

Some swingers can be quite verbal. Words like "Fuck me," or "Harder, faster" is a sure indication that someone is enjoying what they are doing. Some swingers are very quite while having sex. Except for a typical "Oooooo's" and "Ahhhhhh's" here and there, you will hardly know that they are even in the room. For others sex can be quite noisy and dramatic. Verbiage adds to the excitement and can lead to a stronger orgasm. Some women claim to "cum" harder when they are verbal while making love, while some guys just love to make loud demands and say things like "Move that Ass," or "Who's your daddy" or my favorite, "Who's dick is that?" Some people moan and groan with pleasure while others may scream at the top of their lungs.

Other couples talk to their partner. Your body might make noises that you can't help - squelching and squishing. If a female is getting pounded real hard she may produce "pussy farts." Although this vagina noise may sound like a fart, it is not even related. Air gets pushed up inside her during hard sex. There is not much you can do about it, but if this bothers you, try to pick another sex position to prevent air from entering your vagina. Some positions like doggie style or a variation of missionary (her legs up by her ears) makes it easier for the air to get in.

When you attend a swing club and you hook up with a couple, remember everyone there is there to have fun. Most of the time, the other couple isn't going to have a clue of what you are going to like or if you are enjoying yourselves unless you make some indication that you are enjoying whatever it is that they are doing to you. You should let them know that it's ok to be loud and to talk to you if that's what you like. I don't know anyone who doesn't like to know if what they are doing to you is enjoyable or not. You're in a club, the kids are at home, let your voice be heard.

Dirty talk is another thing that some swingers enjoy. I would think that most would love to be talked to that way. That has got to be one of the best things to want from another couple. I love it -- once everyone hooks up and we are getting ready to play, the guys say something like, "I can't wait to taste you," or the lady may say "I want you in my mouth." Once a guy squeezed my ass and said he was going to ride me like a cowboy in a rodeo - yeah baby! Also, if you are with someone for the first time, let him or her know that what he or she is doing is ok or not. Now is not the time be shy, swingers want to know if its good or bad or if they have you close to orgasm, let them know it by saying words like, "Yeah, that's it -- don't stop, I'm going to cum."

Couples love it when their partner moans from pleasure. For them the noises are the appreciation of their sex skills. Her "Oooh's", "Ahhhh's", and "Oh-yes, give it to me baby" are a big part of his sexual pleasure. Her pleasure filled moans turn him on much more and make him perform better. Guys say things like, "You like this hard cock?" while she grabs his ass and says, "Ohhhhhhhhh yes, I love it" or "You're the best baby, oh yeah." They also love it when playing in the same room with other couples. Some times the wife may say something like, "Is she fucking you good honey?" Or the hubby might say, "Slap her ass, she really likes that."

If you live in an apartment building with thin walls, or have kids at home, you might have to be a little cautious when getting loud while having sex. You don't want to scare the kids and definitely don't want the police banging on your door because some neighbor called in a with a disturbance complaint. You can really appreciate swing party settings because at most of these places you can let loose, let it all hang out, and not worry about how loud you get.

The physical sounds of sex are essential parts of lovemaking. You can moan, whisper, sigh, gasp, and say dirty words into your partner's ears. If you are loud you can yell and scream from the pleasure. Hearing sounds during lovemaking loosens the grip of erotic sensibility. Hearing erotic sounds stirs our pleasure.

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