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Costume parties: not just for kids anymore
by Anne Curvey

Costume and theme parties are extremely popular among swingers. Some find it exciting to never actually see the faces of those who they play at those parties. Have you ever wanted to get it on with Jeannie of "I Dream of Jeannie?" Or have sex with Robin Hood? How does a blow job from a sexy French Maid sound?

Swingers are extremely imaginative when it comes to dressing in sexy costumes. The interest has become so popular that costume businesses have enjoyed a huge boost in sales. If you think Halloween is a just a big deal for kids wait until you hear how big it is for adults, swingers in particular. If you don't believe me try ordering a school girl outfit from an online adult novelty store. You'll find the words "this item is out-of-stock" will be a common reply when you try to order that particular item. Why? School girl costumes are big in the swinger community all year round.

Today we wear sexy costumes in conjunction with role playing, which has been around for thousands of years. Of particular note, the Ancient Romans were known for acts of debauchery like the world has never seen. They would role play at their parties just like we do today. Only they would pretend to be the Gods that they worshiped or heroes like Hercules or Achilles. Roman Emperor Caligula had a particular fondness of the Greek God Zeus; the only problem with him was he actually thought he was a God.

Swingers on the hand are living in the real world. They just like to pretend; hey, dressing up is fun and sexy. Theme parties have gained momentum at swinger clubs. It's not unusual to see a toga, a school girl, a stripper or a slut night advertised to draw in swingers to a club or party. Also, costumes are excellent ice breakers. Costume parties are really big during swinger special events, vacations and conventions. The big three that I personally know about are:

Lifestyle Conventions: These conventions have huge theme parties. I attended the 2003 Lifestyle conventions in Las Vegas last year and one of their theme parties was called Arabian Nights. 3,000 people attended the convention and 3,000 people had on something on that particular night related to that theme. It was incredible seeing thousands of people dressed up like Sinbad and Jeanie.

The Pimp'n'Ho Ball: Another fun event held in Las Vegas every year in September. What happens is everybody dresses up as -- that's right! -- either a pimp or a ho. This affair is now a classic and the guests do their best to look the part of "for-sale." Looking as smutty and as skanky as possible is the goal for the ladies. This is a very popular party, but if you plan to attend, be warned that the line to get in starts four hours before the event begins. Which is okay, I guess, if you're in line with all these people in g-strings and pasties. It is not actually a swinger event, but a lot of swingers do attend. The real fun is at the after parties, held by swingers or some hot shot celebrity. If you are lucky enough, you might get an invite.

The Exotic Erotic Ball: This is an annual event held in the San Francisco Cow Palace; this year will be the 25th anniversary. The cavernous rodeo and livestock auction venue is transformed into a steamy three-ring circus of lust, with a center stage arena flanked by two halls featuring the booths of an adult shopping mall and smaller stages showcasing burlesque, circus, striptease acts, lap dancing, fetish fashions, and live S&M shows. It is a huge event, and swingers attend by the boat load, but it's not just for swingers, but for anyone who likes to have fun and be around other well behaved open-minded, fun people expressing themselves and their freedoms through their costumes or lack of costumes; yes you will see lots nakedness. If you like to just let it all hang out and remain inconspicuous, this is a great way to have fun without anyone knowing your true identity. Masks are permitted and even encouraged due to the fact that many cameras will be around.

Swingers who like to role play in costumes sometimes come up with some really elaborate scenarios that may even include a script. Just for kicks my husband wanted me to wear some really sexy clothing and put on a nun outfit over it. Some people have the school girl fetish, his is nuns. Go figure. Regardless of where you play "dress up" it is almost a guarantee you are going to have fun.

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