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Diaries of a swinging couple
Entry 1: Kate and Chris decide to swing

"We opened our first account on a swinger's site! Writing ads isn't as easy as I had thought. I'm not even sure what I want."
Entry 2: First date: meeting John and Susan

"We had been fantasizing about meeting this couple for almost a month. We dreamed of sharing Susan's pussy with John."
Entry 3: Kate plays with Susan

"Susan took the cue and took me by the hand so we could dance. I knew Chris and John were both watching, and it made me want to show off."
Entry 4: Following John and Susan's trail on shaving

"Shaving turned out to be a pretty erotic event, as we'd never done anything like this before. We decided to do Chris first."
Entry 5: Going all the way with John and Susan

"It was hard to enjoy the penetration and focus on Susan at the same time, but I kept going. And then I made her cum. "
Entry 6: In anticipation of playing with John and Susan again

"While sitting there I started to imagine what it would be like tasting Susan's sweet bald pussy and sucking on John's hard cock."
Entry 7: Going out with John and Susan

"As I came he pulled out his cock and took off of the condom and shot his hot load all over my stomach, up to my chin."
Entry 8: Getting a webcam and meeting Janie and Wayne

"Chris muttered that he thinks we are going to have a lot of fun on web cam. I agreed."
Entry 9: Another webcam show for Janie and Wayne

"Then Janie and Wayne started to tell us what to do, like they were directing us on a porn movie -- I loved it!"
Entry 10: Planning the date with Janie and Wayne

"After hanging up the phone, Chris and I looked at each other and remembered that the swing club they wanted to meet at was one of the biggest in the state."
Entry 11: Meeting Janie and Wayne at a club

"I was enjoying watching Chris dancing with Janie while he glanced at me with Wayne."
Entry 12: Coming home after the date with Janie and Wayne

"Oh, it felt so good -- I love watching my man eating and licking me. He was incredible! It was as if he learned something new."
Entry 13: Exploring Kate's MFM Threesome fantasy

"I was anxious to talk to him about my fantasies of trying two guys together - him and another guy. Our night with Janie and Wayne convinced me that I was ready. "
Entry 14: Picking up Marty

"We were grinding on the dance floor like teenagers. Then I could feel his hand slip up on my left breast. It felt good the way he was caressing it."
Entry 15: Going on the date with Ted

"I opened the door and said, "Honey, look what I brought home." Chris introduced himself to Ted as we walked in. "
Entry 16: Going all the way with Ted

"I turned my head to look at Chris again. I looked him directly in the eye as I went up and down on Ted's cock. "
Entry 17: Coming home after the date with Ted

"With Chris there watching I felt more relaxed and at ease. He asked if I would be up for more when we got home, I said, "Oh yes!"
Entry 18: Shopping online

"The other day we were sitting at the computer doing some shopping. We found the Victoria Secrets website and ordered a few things. "
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