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Novelties and Toys
Thongs: swingers "Must Have" accessory

When you shop for a thong, one thing you should know is that there are over a dozen types to choose from.
Sex swings

A good swing can create an almost weightless feeling that allows those using it to experiment with all sorts of positions that would be difficult or impossible otherwise.
Strap-ons: To use or not to use?

Men who use strap-ons typically want to use one because it may be thicker than or exceed their own penis size. Women who use them typically want to play a gender role.
Double dongs: double your pleasure

These double headers, once considered a toy for lesbians, are often used between two women in swinging couples.
Sybian: the ultimate vibrator

"One girl in line had come up behind the girl bouncing on the Sybian, and began to kiss her neck and stroke her skin. I knew I was not going to get a turn."
Restraints and fun you can have with them

Being restricted during sex is a huge turn on to many people. Being restricted by someone different from their normal partners can take it over the top.
Blindfolds and masks: swinging in the dark

Sensory Deprivation is a very popular and fun way to enhance sexual play. When you restrict one sense, your other senses become heightened and more sensitive.
How good are your vibrations?

Personal female masturbators and vibrators have become quite popular. They come in many different types, each with its own pluses and minuses.
Anal sex: not just for porn stars anymore!

Anal toys can be a great addition to your sex life, either alone, with your partner or with others.
Bustiers: support your fetish

Bustiers are incredibly sexy. Wearing them creates a certain sex appeal and a look that contours a woman's body into a very desirable and sexy shape.
Yohimbe erection lotion: get your erection back

Yohimbe lotion can help a man maintain and prolong his erection and help delay or prevent premature ejaculation while playing with a new partner and being overly excited.
Cock rings: prolong your swinging experience

A cock ring also known as an erection ring or a penis ring is simply a device worn around the shaft at the base of the penis during intercourse.
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